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Episode 21: October 2014 Conference Vent

In this episode, Richard and Sarah vent after a long conference weekend, Richard struggles to explain inductive vs. deductive reasoning, and we have a pity party for how apostates are viewed by the church.

6 thoughts on “Episode 21: October 2014 Conference Vent

  1. Valerie

    Thanks. It’s always so refreshing to listen to people who feel like I do. After this conference weekend, it is really hard for me not to feel very alone and misunderstood.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks for your comment Valerie. Richard and I are lucky we can vent to each other, because otherwise I think I would feel much more lonely. I’m glad you can relate and thanks again for commenting.

  2. apostate scum bag

    Good discussion. Agree the church pushes the idea “we dont know everything, but someday – when we die – we will know the “truth”. By truth they mean all lds doctrine is right, even stupid stuff like Noahs flood and Adam and Eve in MO. They can’t lose with this position. No one ever comes back. Also enjoyed discussion about special witness. Unless they are referring to 3-witness and 8-witness seeing things in trsnces etc., they are liars and they know it. Lying for the Lord is Business as usual at LDS Inc. You guys give them way too much slack

  3. matt2001

    I came across this from an Episcopal Bishop (contrast LDS leaders):

    The best way to lose all is to cling with desperation to that which cannot possibly be sustained literally. Literalistic Christians will learn that a God or a faith system that has to be defended daily is finally no God or faith system at all. They will learn that any god who can be killed ought to be killed. Ultimately they will discover that all their claims to represent the historical, traditional, or biblical truth of Christianity cannot stop the advance of knowledge that will render every historic claim for a literal religious system questionable at best, null and void at worst. [Bishop John Shelby Spong, Episcopal (Anglican) Bishop of Newark, NY, in Resurrection: Myth or Reality? pg. 22]

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