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Episode 24: Skipping church, how Mormons view Christians, and polygamy essays

On this episode of Another Mormon Podcast, Richard and Sarah talk about skipping church and their new freedom, they reminisce about how they used to view Christians through the Mormon lens, and Sarah somehow works the new polygamy essays into the conversation.


New essays on about plural marriage:

Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo

The Manifesto and the End of Plural Marriage

9 thoughts on “Episode 24: Skipping church, how Mormons view Christians, and polygamy essays

  1. Jordan M.

    Great episode! I liked the prayer story about “Dear God” as I have also moved on to a Christian church. Richard’s comment about “Heavenly Father & Christ” vs “God & Jesus” was something I had never considered before.

    I also remember that feeling of freedom once I left Mormonism. I could pick any church I wanted, attend which service, and whether or not I wanted to sleep in that day. The freedom can really be scary for Mormons so I try to empathize with why people might be scared back to Mormonism’s grasp.

    I totally understand Richard’s growing fatigue with talking about Mormonism. It makes you appreciate what John Larsen has done for 6 years!

    1. TR

      Great point about “Dear God”.

      I worked at a Youth camp in rural Utah that was mostly Mormons but not a Mormon camp. One of our campers was from a household with two moms (lesbians, not polygamists.)

      Whenever we asked him to pray, he would say, “Dear Heavenly Father, Dear Heavenly Mother,” It was really striking the first time, but nobody ever tried to stop him and I really started to appreciate it by the end of the summer.

  2. Thirstingforknowledge

    I really enjoyed this episode of your podcast. I love your honesty and candidness about your experience. I left the Church a little over a year ago as well. I was a convert to the Church and my wife was a lifelong member. I had been a faithful member of the Church for 12 years when a coworker asked me an honest question. Finding answers to that question led to my faith crisis. I would love to dialogue with you guy’s through email. I have spent almost every day of the last year studying. For the first part I studied primarily LDS church History. There have been many days where I spent over six hours a day researching stuff. Luckily after several months I realized that I needed to turn my attention to the Bible. I researched the Bible hard to understand if it was a book I could trust. I was amazed at what I found. Once I discovered that I could indeed trust the Bible, I then began to study what it taught. It was during this time that I had a born again experience. My life was completely changed. The faith Crisis that I thought would ruin my marriage actually saved it. I then began to study the Bible and different aspects of Christian theology which I continue to do on a daily basis. I would love to talk to you guy’s through email because I think that I can answer a lot of questions that you have. I have spent a lot of time as well putting material together that I think is effective for helping friends and family see the errors of the Church. I have a pretty good strategy that stays within the standard works. It is so difficult to shed all of the Mormon thinking that has been ingrained in your head for so long. Let me just briefly make a few points.

    1. As Mormon’s our faith is in the Church not Jesus Christ. This is the reason that the majority of the people that find out the Church is not true end up going into atheism or become agnostic. Now my faith is in Jesus Christ, and Him alone. If the pastor of the Church I am currently attending ended up being involved in some type of horrendous sin, it would not affect my testimony one bit. Simply because my faith is in Jesus Christ and not any earthly man.

    2. The most valuable thing my journey in and out of Mormonism taught me was to never again look at the Bible through someone elses lense. What the pastor preaches at the Church I currently attend is not what shapes my understanding of the Bible. My understanding of the Bible comes from my one sincere study of its content.

    3. Mormons have this misconception that other Christians don’t really live out their faith. A good majority of the people that attend the Church I go to now are very dedicated. They attend three hours of Church on Sunday (Sunday school, worship service, and Sunday night service) as well as attending on Wednesday nights. They also study the Bible on a regular basis as well as serve in varying capacities in the community. The major difference is that they do these things out of a pure love for Christ. They don’t do it to try to earn anything from God. You have to realize how useless the service done in the Mormon Church is. The LDS Church in areas outside of Utah makes almost zero impact on the local community. All of their money goes to Salt lake City and all there time is wasted on studying man made doctrines and doing work for dead people. The other problem is that all the service a Mormon does is tainted with selfishness because they think they are earning their exaltation. A major turning point for me was during my study of the New Testament. The Holy Ghost shined His light on my life and I saw my self for who I really was. Before I had been comparing myself to other men and I thought I was a really righteous person. Once I truly saw myself in comparison to God’s standard I realized that I was a sinner. A hypocrite in so many ways. It was only then that I finally understood Grace. It was then that I let go of any faith that I had in my own good works, a church, or a priesthood and fell down at the foot of the Cross putting all my faith and trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. I was born again. My wants, my desires they all changed. You have to realize that we have a heart problem. Rules and regulations can change behavior, but it can’t change the heart. Strict rules usually just make people hypocrites. For instance my wife’s family proudly keeps the word of wisdom, yet they will down a monster energy drink in a minute. They eat foods that are terrible for the body. The word of wisdom didn’t change them, it just made them hypocrites. The same goes for the Sabbath day. They break that in so many ways, and when they break the Sabbath they feel like they have broken a rule. Not that I think the Mormon idea of keeping the Sabbath is Biblical, I just use this as an example of the type of relationship that Mormons have with God. Jesus wants heart work carried out into life work. This involves a complete change of the heart that can only happen when one stops trusting in themselves and starts trusting in Christ. I now have a hunger for God’s word that is unquenchable. I do more study, service, and good than I ever did as a Mormon. However I put no faith in those things to save me. My right standing before God comes through my faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. I do the things I do out of the pure desires that come from the heart that God changed. I don’t do it to merit or earn anything from Him. I do it because I love Him. As a Mormon when I sinned I felt like I broke a rule. Now when I sin I feel like I break God’s heart. It goes against my very nature. As a Mormon I would pray every night, but only because I felt like it was something I should do. Now I pray because I desire to talk to God. I pray because I have seen His mighty hand at work in my life, and I realize the great power that comes through prayer. I pray to ask for His forgiveness when I fail, and to ask for Him to change me. I keep my eyes on Christ and not myself, and it is His mighty power that I rely on to make me a better person, not my own feeble abilities. Anyway these are just a few thoughts I wanted to share. Send me an email and I will send you a few documents that I created that are useful tools to use with Richards family.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Hi Jeremy! Thank you for your wonderful comment! First, we would love for you to email us any materials you have. There are so many things I love about your comment. I’m so glad you found refuge in the Bible.that is what I am hoping to do too. I feel like I am partway there right now. And I really think you are right about the faith in the church versus faith in Jesus Christ. They say they have faith in Christ but I think that only partly true and is more lip service than reality. Sounds like you have done a ton of research. Thanks for listening and for your kind comments.

  3. Thirstingforknowledge

    I made a spelling error in my previous comment. When I wrote “My understanding of the Bible comes from my one sincere study of its content.” I meant “My understanding of the Bible comes from my OWN sincere study of its content.”

  4. Darren

    I’ve just finished podcast #25 and found a free moment to thank you for the podcasts. I was never a Mormon, or a Christian for that matter, but had close friends who were, especially my best friend in high school. I remember the struggles that he had with being Temple Worthy prior to his mission. I had so much sympathy for him [he had crossed a few lines with girls in high school], and I could see how much he felt he had failed his family and the Church, although I really couldn’t share his viewpoint that he’d done anything horrible in having been sexual with a willing and able person.
    Age has taught me that these things aren’t that simple. The mental outlook you carry constantly filters and judges your experiences. Admittedly, we’re walking rather different roads, but I appreciate that you’ve let me sit at the table to try to understand what yours is like. I won’t ask that you continue posting episodes -it’s your own journey after all- but I will say that the effort has helped me to see the Church from different angles that I couldn’t have seen in my own.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks darren! It’s nice to know you found this interesting and helpful for understanding a different perspective. Yes, we stopped recording for the last little but, trying to move on. However we did record 3 episodes that were never posted. I’d like to at least still post those! Thanks for your kind comment

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