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Episode 26: Interviewing Bill Reel

In this episode, Richard and Sarah interview Bill Reel about why he stays in the church.


Bill Reel’s podcast: Mormon Discussion-Leading with Faith

The Book of Mormon scripture Bill quoted was from 1 Nephi 2:5 “And he came down by the borders near the shore of the Red Sea; and he traveled in the wilderness in the borders which are nearer the Red Sea.”  The use of nearer only fits if there is something further away

Also the Adam documents Bill referenced:



12 thoughts on “Episode 26: Interviewing Bill Reel

  1. Brendan

    Guys (neutered, term meant to be non-sexist and be inclusive of you Sarah. Please don’t Ballard me),

    I like the podcast. I find it interesting how Recovering Mormons (proper noun intended) vary in their approach with coming to terms with faith transition. I especially like the candid, yet respectful tone to your podcast and sharing some intimate details of your lives.

    I liked the interview with Bill Reel. He reminds of Dan Wortherspoon. Both have an interesting talent of being awake, enlightened and recognize that what’s left on the LDS table has value.

    I consider myself a Dehlinite who wants to provide a softer landing for those transitioning, irrespective of thier desire to stay or leave. My transition would have been so much easier if I had you, Dehlin, Reel, and even the Infants On Thrones 15 years ago when I went through my transition.

    Thanks again for sharing. I appreciate the work you put into the podcast.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Haha I won’t Ballard you! Thanks for your kind comment. Bill and Dan take different approaches than us, staying in the church, but we very much respect them. Bill was such a pleasure to interview. I like that you call yourself a Dehlinite! I can’t imagine going through your transition without all of the podcasts. Thanks again.

  2. J. Reuben Clerk

    Richard really nailed it. Joseph Smith doesn’t have to be a cartoon bad guy always doing the wrong thing. He could do lots of noble things and also not be a prophet.

    If you take (as true believing Mormons do) that persuading people to believe in Christ as a good thing, dictating a fictional book attempting to persuade people to believe in Christ and saying it was a historical record would be a good thing from an end-justifies-the-means perspective. And the end-justifies-the-means a core tenet of the Book of Mormon. Nephi kills a guy, takes his stuff and deceives the guy’s servant because the end (getting the brass plates) justifies the means. If murder, robbery and deception can be justified, can’t deception alone be justified?

  3. J. Reuben Clerk

    When Mark E. Peterson said that black people would enter the Celestial Kingdom as servants, that wasn’t a racist statement. Rather, it was the natural result of the racist doctrine that forbade black people from entering the temple and having eternal marriages. According to the theology, if you’re baptized, you get into the celestial kingdom, but you’re a servant unless you enter into the new and everlasting covenant of marriage (for simplicity’s sake let’s assume that is eternal marriage). This applies to all races. Mark E. Peterson merely assumed that black people could never enter into the new and everlasting covenant of marriage because he assumed they could never enter the temple and thus they would be, at most, servants. This is not a racist statement that has been disavowed.

  4. Jordan M.

    If the Church had more Bill Reels and fewer Brian Hales and Daniel Petersons it wouldn’t be bleeding its best and brightest members.

    I really liked this episode and while I don’t agree with Bill’s conclusions I can respect it and respect what he’s doing.

  5. Theodore

    Interesting comments by Bill Reel – I really appreciate the experiences he shared about proofs for God, though his comments about ‘ancient origins of the BOM’ seem to be kind of neither here nor there – just because something is ancient, doesn’t mean that it is true… The Quran (which I do not believe is true whatsoever) has a lot of ancient literature, and even ancient Jewish stories in it. Where did Mohammed get these stories? No one can say for sure, only God knows. The same goes for Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I certainly don’t want to belittle anyone who is still an active member – but I tend to see Mohammed and Joseph Smith along the same light – both had a ‘new’ message heavily based on the Bible to share with others – and both men led lives full of excess (polygamy and pedophilia, as well as amounting lots of cash/power, and progressive revelation from God to favor their personal agendas).

    Going back to Reel’s proofs for God, I have to take a moment to give God the glory – no matter where we are in our lives or spiritual walks, He is always SEEKING OUT those who seek Him – it doesn’t matter what church or religion you’re born into – God loves truth seekers!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Good point about the ancient origins! And I agree that God answers anyone’s prayers, no matter the church. That’s why I think he answered my prayers before and some priesthood blessings may really work.

      1. Theodore

        Amen to that! We tend to forget in our religious experiences that what God really wants is a relationship with people – but therein lies the challenge – because in a sense following rules and attending church is easier that bearing our hearts to God and having a real relationship with Him. Keep on sharing the truth! Many are praying for your family!

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