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Episode 27: What we convinced ourselves to believe

On this episode, Richard, Sarah, TR, and Arie discuss what they convinced themselves to believe, the mental gymnastics they used, and why they don’t make sense to them now.

3 thoughts on “Episode 27: What we convinced ourselves to believe

  1. Jordan M.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Everyone’s stories really helped bring back some memories of trying to make sense of it.

    I think Richard touched on it briefly but I don’t think too much can be said about victim blaming within Mormonism for those who can’t make sense of it. It’s the ultimate Emperor without clothing.

  2. A Happy Hubby

    I have generally enjoyed listening to your podcasts. I only just stumbled upon them and I see you going through the stages I am familiar with.

    One item I have seen improvement on is I heard lots of, “Mormon’s would never believe” or understand, or would comprehend … Do be careful not to swing that pendulum too far the other way. Sometimes I think just because you have moved way to another side of a scale does not mean everyone that is LDS is way way way on the other side (even if SOME are). Treat TBM’s with the type of respect you wish they would all treat you with. They are not your enemy. Talk more about how YOU used to think/feel when you were “all in” and how you see things different. It builds less walls.

    OK – enough being preachy.

    I do really like how you as a couple were able to work to where you are now. That is great.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Yes I often regret at the end of recording if we get too much into that. It is hard not to do sometimes, because i do think there are some legitimate problems, but I think as we get a little further away with time we hopefully will get better not overgeneralizing. I think when we do talk about mormons or tbms we are thinking to how we used to think but not everyone is like we were and that’s hard to remember sometimes! Thanks for the comment!

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