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Episode 29: Christian vs. Mormon view of the Atonement

On this episode, Richard, Sarah, and Jordan discuss different theories of the atonement, comparing mainstream Christian views to the Mormon view.

5 thoughts on “Episode 29: Christian vs. Mormon view of the Atonement

  1. thirstingforknowledge

    I can totally relate to how confused you guy’s sound on this podcast. There are however some really good explanations for the atonement theories. As I continue to study Church history I find myself gravitating more towards the Ransom or Christus Victor theory. This is the theory that the early Christians held too. The penal substitution theory wasn’t developed until around 1000 years after the death of Christ. There are some very distinct differences between these two theories that you guy’s never got around to discussing. Bellow is a link to a video that does a great Job of contrasting the view held today with what the early Church fathers believed. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. thirstingforknowledge

    When I talk about the early Christian’s, I am talking about the guy’s who were over the churches in the 1st and 2nd century. Guy’s that knew the Apostles personally. Men like Polycarp, Clement of Rome, and Ignatius. These are the guy’s who are responsible for putting together the Cannon of Scriptures that we use today. They spoke the same language as the Apostles and were familiar with the culture. Their writings offer us valuable insight into what early Christians understood scripture to mean. I find their writings fascinating. My main reason for even studying them, was because I found so many different modern interpretations of what the Bible was saying. People would come to the table with their own biblical proof texts and argue for their doctrine. I found some of the modern beliefs held today conflicting with what I was reading in the New Testament as I studied it.

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