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Episode 32: Joseph Smith History Series #1

In this new series, Richard and a panel explore the history of Joseph Smith.  On this episode, Richard, Cynthia, Leanna, and Daniel discuss the culture and history leading up to the birth of Joseph Smith.

2 thoughts on “Episode 32: Joseph Smith History Series #1

  1. A Happy Hubby

    I enjoyed the discussion. I appreciate that it is not just a bunch of laughing at the stupidity. Just report what is there and let the user decide. A condescending tone can turn off some before they even get to hear the message.

  2. Melissa

    I really appreciate all of you taking the time to do this series. I read “In Sacred Loneliness” and began to read “Rough Stone Rolling”, but by then the first book told me everything I needed to know and I was done. Even still, I am glad sometime is taking the time to lay this all out. I really enjoy the podcast.

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