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Episode 6: Wanting to return to Sacrament Meeting

Richard and Sarah discuss why Richard has been considering attending Sacrament Meeting on an occasional basis, despite leaving the church.

2 thoughts on “Episode 6: Wanting to return to Sacrament Meeting

  1. Gentry

    Just discovered this podcast, thanks for creating it! Interesting viewpoints on no longer believing but still being associated with the mormon church.

  2. Christian

    Very relatable. I think there are a large group of exmormons who have had the intellectual honesty to admit the church’s truth claims are false but who miss the sense of community, the sense of really believing in something, the confidence of feeling like you have “the truth” etc. I think the church somewhat retards our ability to have confidence if our own decisions when they aren’t based on the churches doctrine. I vote for keeping the training wheels off, and not doing a middle way New Mormonism version personally, but who knows, that could change.

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