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Episode 9: Reconciling polygamy

In this episode Richard, Sarah and TR discuss ways church members reconcile polygamy, how it is taught in the church, and the modern practice.

7 thoughts on “Episode 9: Reconciling polygamy

  1. Nan Trott

    I don’t think you have it right when it comes to Christians reconciling OT polygamy. Most of the people I know see no need to reconcile it at all, as far as they are concerned it is wrong now and was wrong then. That you see patriarchs following the social norms of the time and not the pattern set by God in the garden just means they were sinful men like all men and need a Savoir the same as anyone else. They’d also point out that there is not a single example of polygamy in the OT that didn’t bring misery to the participants and that God did not command polygamy. From what I heard in various bible studies David being given Saul’s wives was a total removal of Saul from his place, no one interprets it as a commandment to commit polygamy. Neither is Levirate marriage necessarily a commandment to commit polygamy, it is not a given that all brothers are married, and in those cases where all brothers are married it is viewed as a way to direct inheritance and provide for the widow through creation of her own family. But again no one views it a a commandment to commit polygamy.

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